Beware of Prejudices

Founder & Director of Mentoring PeaceBuilders South Africa, standing infront of a mural ‘breaking the curse of gang violence’ in Ocean View.

Been a tough few weeks!

I’ve seen so many in our communities Emotionally, Mentally & Physically Drained due to the overwhelming challenges in our society 😔

But, no matter what, we have to push on through…

‘Our preconceived negative opinions of people that is not based on reason or actual experience could lead to continuous violence and negativity in our lives…’

Beware of prejudices. They are like rats, and men’s minds are like traps. Prejudices get in easily, but rarely do they get out. We cannot think anyone’s worthless or beneath consideration without at the same time attracting the same beliefs toward us. We cannot elevate a man without ourselves being elevated. Likewise, you cannot degrade another without falling into degradation yourself. Hate and jealousy places you in bondage… it reduces your opportunities for success and happiness.

Why not enjoy the freedom that calm reasoning and an understanding heart will give you! Human nature is so constituted that all see, and judge better, in the affairs of other men, than in our own.

Photo-Cred: AlBerg

Mural Painting by: Paul Franke, Marius Waries, Alison Geduldt, Jean America, Justin Stuart, etc.




Nobel Peace Prize Winners Mentoring Youth to change the world!

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