Breaking The Curse Of Self-Hate

We need to facilitate compassion and empathy amongst our young generation

‘We need to find peace, because we have been at war with ourselves our entire life’

If you could well understand the mood in which this blog has been written, you will understand that we lose people who have added tremendous value to our lives, but neglect them when they are alive. All our frustration as a people is due to unfulfilled desire. As a people, we tend to think negatively, destructively, and viciously towards our own people when they are alive. These feelings of hate toward our own kind have generated destructive emotions within ourselves and therefore our expressions towards our fellow man have found an outlet. The outlet I am referring to here is the hurting, rape and killing of our own within our communities. We injure ourselves by the negative beliefs we entertain and therefore we go out and hurt others.

What loneliness does to you when you have hurt others:

I also realize something of the commotion and turmoil of the tumultuous period of life through which we are passing. The deep feeling of loneliness of which we complain is not our individual experience. But this is common and natural to all human beings — especially at our age. My own experience is that even those who have everything worth having in this world are sometimes the victims of this feeling of loneliness. We try to escape this loneliness by attaching ourselves to various persons and objects, but sooner or later the realization comes to us that in fact ‘none is ours in this world’. Notwithstanding being the happy possessor of wealth, riches, friends and family, we still miss something and feel lonely and friendless. Always remember that, as water takes the shape of a pipe it flows through, the ability to break the curse in your life that you have molded for yourself can be re-molded. Positivity can flow through you according the nature of your thoughts.

In conclusion, we need create true contentment and inner peace with ourselves first in order for us to become the best we can be. If we desire to break the curse of worry, fear and anxiety in our lives we must accept it as true that our desire to positively change has already been accomplished and fulfilled and this will surely become a reality in your life. Change your thoughts, change your life. By practicing to break the curse, you are planting a seed (belief) in the mind that, if you leave it undisturbed, will unfailingly germinate into external fruition.

But I know that advise is seldom relished and rarely proves of much use. One always learns the lessons of life from one’s own personal experience.

If you plant certain types of seeds in the ground, you have faith that they will grow after their kind. This is the way of seeds, and trusting the laws of growth and agriculture, you know that the seeds will come forth after their kind — and so similar to our thoughts we create that directly influence of emotions and actions.



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