Healthy Relationships VS Unstable Foundations

‘The Culture of Gangsterism within our Communities’

‘We can’t build a healthy relationship on an unstable foundation…’

When we take turns diving into the deepest corners of our childhoods, it is often that we come across people who can relate to our pain and understand each other’s perspectives.

I also understand that the duality between young and old (parent and child) within our high-risk communities and the understanding of each other’s perspective of trauma, can be a daunting task, hence the reason why the majority of our young generation keep their trauma stored up in compartments and easily swayed by the concept of gangsterism (hurting people).

Could it be true that these young adults joining gangs believe that shared pain brings people together. A “social glue,” where there individual trauma behaves like a binding agent in social settings, forging connections between survivors known as trauma bonds?

What makes things difficult in bringing about positive change in our lives residing within our communities, is the fact that this “trauma bond”, also known as unit cohesion, highlights the effectiveness of shared trauma in high-stress situations.

The world is changing and the vast majority of our parents within our communities need to start realizing that their kids are begging to have their voice heard! These gangsters have a story to share, but their outlet are all out violence — because violence has become part of their makeup.


Photo by Hajran Pambudi




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