Hold On – Hold Fast (Ghetto Resilience)

Photo by Earl Mentor

Let me tell you about the Ouma living on the third floor of a Council Flat. Ouma raised her kids-kids with her pension and still makes it work. Ouma gets constantly harassed by her drug-addict children but still makes it through the day. Ouma, with high blood pressure and ‘gout’ in the knees and still, forces herself up and down these council stairs to build a life for her grandkids.

Let me tell you about the single mother forced to raise five kids because a ‘lazy’ young baby daddy refuses to take responsibility for his kids. A single mother who wakes up an hour early each morning before the rooster could give its call, bathe and clothe her kids, drop her kids with grandma, and have to walk through dangerous territories in her ghetto to get to work that refuses to pay her worth. And still having to endure the abuse from a boss who believes it is ‘profit’ over ‘people.’ Tired of taking onboard negative energies the entire day and forced to travel back home in the dark and repeat the same routine tomorrow, and the day after the next.

Let me tell you about single fathers raising kids to become men but struggling with their untold and untouched trauma. A single father who tries his best not to repeat the mistakes of his past or the repeated mistakes of the toxic masculine men in his life. A single father who works day and night to support his kids and only want the best for them. A single father who struggles every day with his internal demons but tries his utmost best not to show it. A single father with suppressed hurt was taught that a ‘man’ in our ghettos should ‘grin and bear’ and not show weakness for a life full of pain and despair. A single father trying to live up to his potential and implement this mentality in his kids.

Do you see where I am getting at with this?

You see, life can be challenging, but we can hit back even harder. We have proved over and over that we are the most resilient people residing within communities beset by negative social ills and still make it work!

Believe that you are worth more than you give yourself credit for.

You came too far to allow other people’s negative opinions to determine your worth and value. Stop giving your power quickly away! Remember how far you’ve come 💪🏾🔆🏆





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