How do we fix the cracks in our lives?

Photo by Earl Albert Mentor

We have weaknesses that we hide from the world🔆 Only when we find ourselves alone is when we are reminded about our internal battles.

I battle every day to heal from my past trauma and the forces that try to kill my potential. I wake up every day believing that someone is going through a more significant battle and that I have the choice to better my situation to be present for others. It’s hard, as I, too, have a long way to go to heal. I have significant cracks, but my lifelong mission is to use the narrative of my pain and hurt to inspire others to embrace their weaknesses.

The battle is already won because God woke you up this morning. You have another opportunity to heal and become a better version of yourself. If someone is trying to break you down today, remember this: ‘Everyone has a flaw, and everyone is facing some sort of battle.’ Knowing this, you will have compassion toward ‘hurting people’ because now you understand that hurting people hurt people. The arena is messy and somehow depressing. You have come too far to turn back. Be proud!

Everyone faces some battle in their lives; we have cracks that we are trying to heal. But sometimes, that cracks in our lives become wide because of suppressed hurt and pain. So many negative triggers that allow us to make wrong decisions. But there is always light at the end of the tunnel. We must go through the worse to avoid repeating the same mistakes that keep us in a state of despair.

We find people on our path that either make us or break us. We have been hurting our own for far too long. It’s time we understand the importance of self-love and love for others. If you have been told that you are worthless, believe that you are not loved, give in to people’s negative opinions, find yourself alone in this world, I encourage you to find love in your life again. We can’t go through life trying to please others, seek validation and give away our power. It’s exhausting!

Find strength in things that make you happy, find something that adds positive value, and feed your passion and talents. Align yourself with your higher purpose – try and heal your inner circle. Don’t be afraid to call out your friends and family if their words, actions, and deeds negatively impact you and others.

Meant the cracks, take your time, heal on your time. Healing is never passive, so be prepared to fail in the process. A lighthouse (inner motivation) helps you navigate through life, and where you find yourself is where you are meant to be. Where you are is an opportunity to be more, do more, and live more in the context of joy and happiness. You deserve so much more. Don’t play small, and don’t allow the ‘hurting people’ to hurt you today. Don’t be the ‘hurting’ person.

I love you! I see you! I am rooting for you!

Have a blessed week my people 💫❤️





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