Our Elders In Our High-Risk Communities 💫

Image courtesy of Earl Albert Mentor CC-BY-NC YOURSTORIES™️

Our community elders 🔆🌈✨

Just imagine we create spaces for our elders to share their powerful wisdom and knowledge of living a resilient life in our high-risk communities and allowing our young people to lead the way for new way of being and doing in our communities.

The thought of healing together as a community. – young and old.

Utilising our community parks and open spaces and bringing back the ‘circle of courage’ with our young people leading the conversation. An open space where they share their most profound stories of hurt and struggles in today’s society. Knowing their struggles will help us respond better to our negative social ills.

Are we allowing our young people to share their narratives, or do we think we know what they are going through in life?

Let us start creating these spaces for our young people 🔆❤️

Change Starts With Me!






Nobel Peace Prize Winners Mentoring Youth to change the world!

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