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2 min readDec 20, 2021


Surviving Trauma In High-Risk Communities!

Image courtesy of Alter Concepts ™️ for Earl Albert Mentor (Petunia Court Documentary)

I remember being down and out for a long time. Looking back on my life and the belief that life is suffering began to change my perspective and approach to my own hurdles.

However, back then, the underlying wisdom from my life growing up with trauma gave me an opportunity to use my insights and turning it into positive action. It would take a few years and crippling lessons to realize that my suffering didn’t happen for no reason at all.

With investigation and practice, we can find patterns and change struggles into strength as well as acquire true appreciation for the process.

For the past 14 years I became the greatest detective of my own life; having explored the reasons for some of my greatest falls I found that it was all only ever meant to teach me, and as a result relieved me from much of the existential pain I experienced growing up in a community beset by negative social ills.

Going within I realized that my own conscious practices, which I’ve learned through introspective navigating: to ease struggles, to help me let go, continue to grow, and to find my own internal strength.

My people, what I came to realize is that people, places, activities, and things all influence us, consciously and unconsciously. Ask yourself questions and pay attention to your answers. You’ll start learning a lot more about yourself and notice what you didn’t always see.

When you start observing the things that have broken you, you realize that the repeated negative results you experience in your life makes you consciously aware of taking 100% responsibility for your life and you become stronger in your pursuit for happiness and appreciation for all that you have been through.

All that you have been through have helped you breakthrough ❤️

Love all – Do Harm to none!

We will rise regardless of our size ✊🏽





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