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The Journey Of Hope Is Seldom Tainted!

I have to thank a good friend of mine for the inspiration to write this piece.

We are facing the most challenging times in our high-risk communities. Repeated adverse events seem to dominate the progress for positive change.

Let me share my deepest struggles trying to navigate through complex challenges as a custodian for positive change in our previously disadvantaged communities. I have been actively involved in community upliftment work for the past 22 years, found myself facilitating in different workshop spaces, have been blessed to travel locally and internationally to help amplify the struggles of disenfranchised people in our communities. However, I feel that the road to healing and transformation starts with me.

I have come to realise that no matter how much you think you have it together, no matter how much resources you have, how much financial backing you have behind your projects, one thing for sure, our community members are still dying, are perpetrators, and victims of crime and violence.

Have I failed? Yes, I have been constantly challenged to pursue positive change in my life and others because I ignore my healing and ignore dealing with my past trauma. I have failed because I contradict myself when preaching a particular sermon, knowing full well that behind closed doors, I struggle with my internal hurt. I’ve witnessed how our collective consciousness around negativity toward our own has bred more negativity in our lives. I have seen how we conspire against each other, hate, and ridicule our own to have a sense of false power over one another in our communities.

Today, I choose to meant the cracks on my journey. To cry when I need to and share my narrative of trauma and struggles to inspire those who have been silent for far too long to stand in their power and reach out for help. Your struggles are my struggles because we hurt together. Today, I choose to share my weakness, that I struggle, that I still seek to heal, but yet optimistic for the future that change will come when we heal ourselves when at the forefront and in the arena ❤️💫

Love and Light!

Earl Albert Mentor



Nobel Peace Prize Winners Mentoring Youth to change the world!

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