TPG Global Impact Youth Fellowship

Application for PeaceJam Participants and Alumni

Deadline is 1 August 2021

Our Vision

Do you have the drive to change the world for the better? Want to use your skills, energy, and passion for a career that creates positive change in your community and country?

We are looking for ‘Laureates of the Future” who dream of innovating for a better world.

The TPG Global Impact Youth Fellowship supports outstanding PeaceJam youth participants from Ghana, South Africa, Liberia, and Guatemala to gain the skills and training necessary to amplify their impact and ability to create sustainable change. The fellowship offers financial support, mentoring, travel experience to form an international network of inspired young people with the global awareness, experience, and 21st century skills to succeed as peacebuilders.

After the successful pilot of the program in 2018, we are thrilled to welcome Cohort 2 of the fellowship in 2021. Two fellowships will be awarded to outstanding young leaders in PeaceJam from each of the four participating countries.

Fellowship Benefits

● Become part of an international network of up-and-coming community leaders representing 4 countries.

● Receive mentorship from international professionals who are dedicated to help you make an impact, including PeaceJam’s Nobel Peace Laureates.

● Financial honorarium to cover education-related costs including tuition, books and supplies, transportation, on-site housing, and other related expenses.

● Monthly online meet-ups for professional development and cross-cultural networking.

Receive support of a local TPG Fellowship Coach for the duration of the program.

● Potential in-country language and professional training.

● Potential for funded international travel to PeaceJam events and trainings.

● Potential for fellowship renewal after the first year.

Eligibility Criteria

● Be a resident of Ghana, Liberia, South Africa and Guatemala

● Have actively participated in PeaceJam for a minimum of 1 year

● Be between the ages of 16–25 at the time of the fellowship start (Jan 2022)

● Demonstrate financial need to achieve their educational goals.

● Have an idea for a community impact project in one of our 10 Issue Areas, or have already implemented one through your school or local NGO

Application Timeline

June 2021: Application released

August 1, 2021: Application deadline

August 1–15, 2021: National PeaceJam Chapters review and select country


August 15–31, 2021: TPG and PeaceJam International interview finalists.

September 2021: Second TPG Fellows cohort confirmed and notified.

October 2021: Fellows announced!

Oct-Dec 2021: Fellowship onboarding and university registration

Jan 2022: Fellowship Cohort 2 officially begins

Fellowship commitment

● Attend full time university (undergraduate OR graduate level) or be pursuing a professional certificate program

● Study English (for non-native speakers)

● Volunteer and remain involved with local PeaceJam chapter

● Maintain monthly contact with Fellowship Coach and participate in monthly programmed Fellows meet-ups online (requires access to a computer with video and audio capability and consistent internet signal — support for tech access may be provided)

● Submit twice annual reports (once per semester) detailing learning, volunteerism, and progress as a Fellow, including photos.

● Implement an annual community impact project in your home country, developed in collaboration with other TPG Fellows

● Have a genuine personal commitment to be a leader for peace within the career sector of your choice

Application Questions:

Please answer the following questions (maximum 250 words each). In addition, please provide (1) a copy of your academic transcripts from the past two years and (2) a detailed outline of the foreseen educational costs with which you need assistance for the next academic year.

Please note that TPG Fellow finalists will be required to complete an interview via Zoom at a time agreed upon by the selection committee and the applicant.

The committee may request further information from finalists as needed, for example academic or personal recommendations or evidence of financial need.

Please ensure your application is edited and checked for spelling and grammar.

Should you require assistance with your application, please contact your in-country PeaceJam Coordinator.

1. Describe your past involvement with PeaceJam.

2. Describe an issue you are passionate about and why. (Include any life experiences that have helped you develop this passion. Tell us your story.)

3. What have you done so far to make an impact on this issue? Please include a description of any projects, volunteering, or community groups with which you have been involved and for how long.

4. How do you plan to continue making an impact on this issue in your career?

5. What education or training is necessary for you to make this impact?

6. How could this Fellowship help you to achieve your goals?

7. How will you give back to your community as a TPG Fellow?

8. Why do you need financial assistance for your education? Please be specific.

9. Tell us about a mentor you’ve had in your life. What have you learned from them?

10. Anything else you want us to know?


Completed applications should be sent to the regional PeaceJam South Africa Coordinator.

South Africa:

Questions? Email the PeaceJam Foundation:

Nobel Peace Prize Winners Mentoring Youth to change the world!