Why Mentors Are Important in PeaceBuilding!

Image by Earl Mentor from PeaceJam South Africa.

As we navigate through the challenges of the pandemic in South Africa, we are fortunate to have the presence of our mentors, who are always ever ready to show up powerfully as custodians for positive change in our high-risk communities.

Our peacebuilding community-building programme has seen many of our mentors serve and lead precisely where they are planted. Our communities are overwhelmed by negative social ills, and our mentors play a huge role in helping empower people to be more and do more in the context of joy and happiness. We are invested in helping empower our mentors with the necessary tools and resources to build the capacity of young leaders who wants to be the change in their respective communities.

Our peacebuilding and mentoring organisation respond to the ever-growing need to evolve and be more effective in uplifting high-risk communities in South Africa. We see an urgent need to help capacitate our young leaders to see tangible change in our country. We also want to partner with organisations that share the same vision to help mentor young aspiring peacebuilding in our community.

Contact us if you would like for us to come and train and capacitate young community leaders in our award-winning peacebuilding curriculums.





Nobel Peace Prize Winners Mentoring Youth to change the world!

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